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Our Mission, Vision, and Values for a more inclusive and accessible world.

Mission Statement

To eliminate the psychological stereotypes, physical barriers, and outdated attitudes that prevent inclusion for people with disabilities.

To provide individuals of any ability the resources and support to live their lives on their own terms.

To champion laws and movements that preserve the rights and privileges of people with disabilities. 

Vision Statement

Creating communities where people of any ability have equal access. AIM will facilitate disability inclusivity through community engagement, civic participation, and education.


Core Values


We treat our employees and our consumers with professionalism, dignity, and respect; building a productive and supportive environment for performance and motivation.

Independence, Health & Safety:

We're committed to protecting the independence, health and safety of our employees, our consumers, their caregivers, and support systems.

Highest Ethical Behavior & Accountability:

We conduct ourselves in accordance with the highest ethical standards. We operate with transparency and accountability while striving to be the foremost leader in nonprofit, corporate citizenship. 

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