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Berks County's Center for Independent Living

Independent Living Department

Live your BEST independent life!


AIM is a Center for Independent Living!

Abilities in Motion started out as Berks County’s Center for Independent Living (CIL) in 1989 and has offered programs, education, and more to people with disabilities ever since. Centers for Independent Living exist to promote independence and community engagement to anyone living with a disability. CILs work to challenge preconceptions of disability and to remove obstacles to fully independent living for everyone. There are 17 CILs across the state. Abilities in Motion's Center for Independent Living is dedicated to innovative, meaningful programming. We're here to connect people with disabilities to community programs, education, advocacy, and more. 


What can AIM do for you?

Independent Living Skills Training

We offer skills training and education to enhance self-reliance and self-esteem at home and in the community. Training provided includes but is not limited to: personal care, coping, financial management, social skills, and household management. 

Information & Referral

Find general information on services and programs available to people with disabilities in our region. We're here to connect you with needed contact information for services and programs of interest. 

Peer Counseling

Peer counselors who have experienced issues unique to individuals with disabilities are on hand to offer advice and support. Our counselors are here to provide counseling, instruction, and share information.


Find information on legislation impacting people with disabilities and how we're speaking to lawmakers about the need to back laws that support independent living. We're passionate about advocacy. We're here to help you access benefits, services, and programs. 

Employment Services

We offer help to young people and adults with disabilities and help teach résumé building, interview training, and employment skills. 

Loan Exchange Assistance Program (LEAP)

We receive and loan out assistive technology equipment and other durable medical equipment to improve the lives of individuals with disabilities and to maintain their independence and accessibility to home and community.

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Abilities in Motion Logo.

Abilities in Motion's Independent Living Department team is committed to promoting independence and community engagement to anyone with a disability. 


Ed Granger
Independent Living Services Program Director

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