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Abilities in Motion provides services and support to help individuals with disabilities live independent, self-determined lives. 

We invite you to explore our three core service areas below. If you have questions or would like more information, you're welcome to call our main office at 610-376-0010. 

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Independent Living Department

Independent Living Department


There are approximately 18 Centers for Independent Living in the state of PA. Each one is tasked with promoting independence and self-reliance for all people with disabilities through community programs, education, advocacy, and more.

Long Term Services & Supports


The Nursing Home Transition program can make the necessary arrangements and ensure that all barriers are resolved before a person returns home.  

Fiscal Management Services

Abilities in Motion Financial Management Services is a Pennsylvania Fiscal/Employer Agent for the Options Program. AIM offers employer and payroll-related services to consumers who hire their own attendants.

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Follow us online to stay in the know with the latest news surrounding disability, accessibility, and independence. Also, be sure to tune in to our podcast, Disability Talks, for real conversation, no-nonsense talk from everyday people with disabilities living their most independent everyday lives.