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Service Coordination keeps people living at home!  We believe that independence is achievable for anyone.  AIM Service Coordinators work to help people with disabilities reach their own personal level of independence.

AIM Service Coordinators meet with our Consumers (individuals with disabilities being served) one-on-one to evaluate a person’s strengths, needs, preferences, and goals.  The Service Coordinator then works with the Consumer to develop a plan to reach those goals.  The Service Coordinator can educate the consumer on available services and help set up personal in-home assistance, home modifications, durable medical goods, and other support systems to reach those individual independence goals.  Service Coordinators continue person-centered planning throughout the year, meeting periodically to evaluate satisfaction and address any concerns.

We believe in you!  You have it within you to live your life as YOU choose.  AIM can help.

NCQA Accreditation Seal


AIM's Service Coordination has received the top-level, three-year Case Management for Long-Term Services & Supports Accreditation from the National Committee for Quality Assurance.  AIM earned this accreditation through a two-year process of evaluation and review.  The seal of accreditation is an assurance that an agency is well managed and offers a high degree of quality care and service.


People interested in services should contact PA’s Independent Eligibility Broker, Maximus.  Maximus will work with you to determine your eligibility.  Once you are found eligible, you can select Abilities in Motion as your service coordination provider.

You may call Maximus at 1-877-550-4227.

Available Services

Services that might be available based on assessed needs include:

  • Personal assistance service
  • Home delivered meals
  • Accessibility adaptations
  • Nursing
  • Transportation services
  • Counseling services


You’ll see the word, “waiver” used all the time in Service Coordination.  Waiver is the term used to refer to a state program of funding for the supports and services.  These supports and services help Consumers live and work within homes and communities, instead of within institutional settings.  In these situations, the state “waives” the standing Medical Assistance/Medicaid rules and uses the funds that would have gone to a long-term care institution instead to provide the services and supports necessary for Consumers to live within their communities.

What to Expect

Once you are determined eligible through Maximus and have selected AIM as your provider, a Service Coordinator (SC) will contact you to set up an initial visit.  During that visit, your SC will get to know you and what your goals are.  The SC will review what services are available to you, according to your waiver eligibility.  The SC will work with you to develop an Individual Service Plan (ISP) based on your goals that specifies the services needed, the amount of services, and the provider of the services.

Who Gets the Bill?

All waiver services that AIM Service Coordinators manage on behalf of Consumers are paid through the Medicaid Home and Community Based Waiver Program from the Office of Long Term Living and the PA Department of Human Services.

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Portrait of Angie Hernandez

Angelica Hernandez, LTSS Service Coordination Manager