Nursing Home Transition

AIM's Nursing Home Transition program helps individuals who are living in a nursing facility return to the community and receive their services there.  The Nursing Home Transition program is for those people who would prefer to live in a home setting, while still maintaining a high-level of support and services.

In order to do this, many issues must be addressed before a person may return to the community from a nursing home.  Issues including housing, long-term care, income, home modification, transportation, and others must be arranged and confirmed.  All of that preparation can take months to complete, particularly for busy social services workers.  Abilities in Motion can help.

The Nursing Home Transition program can make the necessary arrangements and ensure that all barriers are resolved before a person returns home.  AIM NHT has offered this service for over 10 years and we have helped hundreds of individuals return to a home setting.


NCQA Accreditation Seal

AIM's Nursing Home Transition has received the top-level, three-year Case Management for Long-Term Services & Supports Accreditation from the National Committee for Quality Assurance.  AIM earned this accreditation through a two-year process of evaluation and review.  The seal of accreditation is an assurance that an agency is well managed and offers a high degree of quality care and service.

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NHT Contact Information

Please use the email address or phone number below to contact AIM's Nursing Home Transition team.

What is the NHT Process?

1- “I want to live at home!”

Nursing Homes are required by the state to ask if a resident wants to return to the community.  If the resident does, then facility social workers must provide information on the NHT process plus a list of available providers.  AIM is one such provider in much of the state.

2 – The Resident is the Captain of the Team

If the resident chooses AIM to provide NHT services, our coordinators work with the resident, the social services department, clinicians, families, and community members who are all part of the residents ‘team’, to ensure that all barriers are met prior to the day of discharge.

3 – Day of Discharge

The AIM NHT Coordinator will be there with you to make sure that the discharge and move into your new home goes smoothly.  We will ensure that medications are secured, doctor appointments are confirmed, paperwork is completed, and all of the things that need to be done ARE done so that you can go home.

4 – Follow up

In the following days, weeks, and months, AIM NHT will contact you periodically to make sure that you are settled in your home and that any issues or difficulties that may have appeared are addressed.


Nikkole Painter

Nikkole Painter, LTSS Nursing Home Transition Manager