Center for Independent Living

STARS buddiesThe biggest question that we encounter time after time is “What does AIM do?”  Abilities in Motion is an organization made of several parts but all of them work toward promoting and helping people with disabilities live independent lives within their communities.

AIM started out as Berks County’s Center for Independent Living (CIL) in 1989 and has offered programs, education, and more to people with disabilities ever since.

AIM’s CIL provides:

  • Independent Living Skills - Skills training and education to enhance self-reliance and self-esteem at home and in the community.
  • Information and Referral – general information on services and programs available to people with disabilities in our region.
  • Peer Counseling – peer counselors who have experienced issues unique to individuals with disabled are on hand to offer advice and support.
  • Advocacy – information on legislation impacting people with disabilities and speaking to lawmakers about the need to back laws that support independent living.
  • Youth Transition Services - physical, social, and recreational growth opportunities and classes for students and young adults with disabilities (14 to 25 years old) who are transitioning out of school and into the world.
  • Employment Training – periodic classes for young people and adults with disabilities that teach resume building, interview training, and employment skills.

There are approximately 18 Centers for Independent Living in the state.  Each one is tasked with promoting independence and self-reliance for all people with disabilities through community programs, education, advocacy, and more.

AIM’s Center for Independent Living programs include:

portrait of Corrine Dietrich

Corrine Dietrich, Independent Living Department Director