Quality Assurance & Compliance

Abilities in Motion is committed to providing the best possible service by the best possible methods available.  In order to accomplish this, AIM is dedicated to a systematic and dynamic process of continuous quality assurance.

AIM’s Quality Assurance and Compliance staff routinely review and revise policy, meet and discuss best practices with staff, evaluate consumer files and services, and comprehensively offer recommendations to improve AIM’s functioning as an agency as a whole.

Monthly Quality Assurance meetings include representation from staff across the organization.  The QA committee discusses service efficiency, procedure effectiveness, staff dynamics and morale, the process of continuous quality assurance, and more.

AIM’s dedication to its consumers and its staff demands the highest standards for service and efficiency.  There is no finish line.  There is always something refine, something to improve.  It is the Quality Assurance and Compliance department’s goal to run that marathon, always reaching for the next improvement.


AIM has received a three-year Accreditation for Long-Term Services and Supports from the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA).  Click here for more details about this significant achievement and what it means for our organization.