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NHT Coordinator wins 2020 Ralph Trainer Employee Advocacy Award

Portrait of Cynthia Mills-Brown smiling in orange circle frame. Text says, Abilities in Motion Ralph Trainer Employee Advocacy Award. Cynthia Mills-Brown, NHT Coordinator.

Congratulations to Nursing Home Transition Coordinator Cynthia Mills-Brown!

The Ralph Trainer Employee Advocacy Award honors an AIM employee that has shown significant and exemplary advocacy to the disability population throughout the year. Since 2020 brought significant challenges to us all, the winner of this award had to be someone that could meet those challenges with advocacy by bringing light, positivity, dedication, resilience and kindness to the work they do.

“Cynthia, thank you for everything you have done to tirelessly advocate for consumers and their families to move out of nursing facilities,” said Executive Director Stephanie Quigley. “Your courageous efforts in the midst of a pandemic truly show us what AIM spirit and advocacy are.”

Check out some of the great things Cynthia’s colleagues had to say about her in their nominations.

“This year has brought unimaginable challenges for the Nursing Home Transition Team. Cynthia's perseverance and shining personality have helped us push through these challenges together. Cynthia went through difficult struggles this year, including losing some of her NHT participants to COVID-19. Despite these heartbreaking moments, Cynthia was able to look forward and find moments of joy. She has worked hard to help participants move out of nursing homes, ultimately saving lives. Cynthia went above and beyond to reunite a mother with her daughter through the NHT program . This beautiful story is just one example of how Cynthia not only empowers her participant s but also empowers others. Cynthia has lifted up the NHT team during our virtual meetings with her positive attitude and much needed jokes (we can all use a laugh during these difficult times). Cynthia thinks outside the box and will do everything in her power to support her participants and co-workers. I truly look up to her and feel she represents the best of AIM.”

“I believe the strong desire to help those in need shines through in her work. Over the past year she has continued to build lasting relationships with housing providers, which has assisted with not only identifying housing for our consumers, but shaped the property managers' willingness to go out of their way too to help us when it comes to picking up essentials/deliveries and also flexibility in regards to lease signings or when payments are received. Cynthia has also gone above and beyond with some consumers and their needs. One consumer in particular had a 17-18 year old child living in shelters while our consumer was in a nursing home. Cynthia was able to help our consumer's fears for the daughter by assisting the daughter with reaching out to family and friends that may be a strong support for her. Cynthia's dedication to the consumers has always been visible but has been even more bright through COVID.”

Thanks for being a shining example of advocacy in action!

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