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Meet Tanya! Our New Certified Peer Support Specialist

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

Picture of Tanya Mack

I remember a time when I felt as if no one understood me at all. In fact, I did not really understand why I even did the things I would do…feeling alone…feeling different…feeling hopeless.

Because of the stigma regarding mental health and substance abuse, it took years before I would be able to find the courage to reach out for help. It was then when I realized the supportive, therapeutic value of someone who had shared experiences like I did could be so valuable. Peer Support was just what I needed to begin to my journey of being my best self.

Shortly afterwards, as Peer Support was in its grassroots infancy, I decided to change career paths to become a Certified Peer Specialist. I wanted to encourage and empower others on their own journey of wellness by role modeling hope, personal responsibility, education, self-advocacy, and support, while understanding that each person is unique and there is no cookie cutter process to wellness. 

We address holistic wellness through promoting personal growth and developing action plans for barriers such as activities for daily living, education, employment, housing, budgeting, and building social goals, with additional links to community resources.

Looking back, this type of support was not always available, and I know there were quite a few roadblocks I could have avoided (hopelessness, substance abuse, citations, arrests, incarcerations, probation, unemployment, homelessness, low self-esteem) if I were introduced to an evidence-based program like this one because Peer Support does make a difference.

We are all stars with our own stories and there is no limit to the possibilities to shine as bright as we want to independently shine. You are not alone, and we understand.

How can we support you?

For more information about Peer Support contact:

Tanya Mack, Certified Peer Support Specialist

Cell: 484-808-4756 Office: 610-376-0010


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