Consumer Action Group (CAG)

meeting photoThe Consumer Action Group (CAG) consists of volunteer consumers advocating for changes that are important for people with disabilities.  The Consumer Action Group’s mission is to advocate for issues that affect individuals in the disability community.  We want to campaign for better accessibility to buildings, restaurants, churches, transportation, and more by following the guidelines of the Americans with Disability Act (ADA).

One of the CAG’s most recent accomplishments was successfully advocating to increase the accessibility of Reading city street corners by installing ADA-compliant ramps.  The CAG documented dozens of formerly non-compliant street intersections and worked with City Hall to ensure that the non-compliant corners were addressed.

The Consumer Action Group is seeking potential consumers to join the group to advocate on these issues in our community.  We need your voices to make a difference.  If you or someone else you know is interested in joining our group, please contact Shelly Houser at (610)376-0010.