Common Acronyms

People working in Human Services will use acronyms (letters representing the title of a program, agency, or service) constantly in conversations or other communications. We have compiled a list of many of the most common acronyms that we use at Abilities in Motion as a reference for you.

AAA – Area Agency on Aging
ADL – Activities of Daily Living
APS – Adult Protective Services
ADRC – Aging and Disability Resource Centers
CAO – County Assistance Office
CIL – Center for Independent Living
CMS- Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services
DHS – Department of Human Services
HCBS – Home and Community-Based Services
HCSIS – Home and Community Services Information System
HIPAA – Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
IADL – Instrumental Activities of Daily Living
IEB – Independent Enrollment Broker
ISP – Individual Service Plan
LIFE – Living Independently for the Elderly
OLTL – Office of Long-Term Living
LTSS – Long-Term Support and Services
MA – Medical Assistance
NF – Nursing Facility
NHT – Nursing Home Transition
NHTCA – Nursing Home Transition Coordination Agency
NHTC – Nursing Home Transition Coordinator
NFCE – Nursing Facility Clinically Eligible
NFI – Nursing Facility Ineligible
OAPSA – Older Adult Protective Services Act
OLTL – Office of Long-Term Living
PAS – Personal Attendant Services
PC – Physician’s Certification
PDA – Pennsylvania Department of Aging
PERS – Personal Emergency Response System
SC – Service Coordinator
SCE – Service Coordinator Entity