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Independent Living Department

Helping consumers access benefits, services, and programs.

Abilities in Motion actively advocates for federal and state laws, programs, and procedures that benefit all individuals with disabilities. AIM participates in national and local awareness campaigns for a variety of causes affiliated with disabilities. AIM meets with local, state, and federal legislators to promote and advocate for the Americans with Disabilities Act, relevant budget issues, and disability-friendly bills making their way through Congress.

AIM also works for change on an individual level. We provide consumers with self-advocacy resources and training to become their own advocates.  Additionally, AIM conducts disability awareness outreach and trainings for school districts, businesses, professional conferences, and public facilities.

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It Starts With Us Chats

Advocacy Group

The It Starts With Us chat group, an extension of the Consumer Action Group (CAG), consists of volunteer consumers advocating for changes that are important for people with disabilities.  The CAG's mission is to advocate for issues that affect individuals in the disability community.  We want to campaign for better accessibility to buildings, restaurants, churches, transportation, and more by following the guidelines of the Americans with Disability Act (ADA). Advocacy in action in how we do this. 

The “It Starts with Us Chats" is a project funded through a grant from the PADDC that allows AIM to hold community chats, taking the advocacy begun by the CAG a step further by bringing together people with and without developmental disabilities to collectively address common issues and barriers to accessibility in the shared community.


“It Starts with Us” will involve advocacy with the community at large, including people with and without developmental disabilities in conversations determined through a public forum. We envision these community chats to function through productive dialogue that identifies defined advocacy objectives and empowers community members to take definitive action to work toward their chosen advocacy outcomes.

It Starts With Us welcomes new consumers to join the group to advocate on these issues in our community.  We need your voices to make a difference. 

Interested in attending a Chat?

Call 610-376-0010

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