Mission Statement

To help individuals with disabilities live their lives on their own terms.

To eliminate the psychological stereotypes, physical barriers, and outdated attitudes that prevent social and civic inclusion.

To champion the laws and movements that work to ensure the rights and privileges of individuals with disabilities.

AIM promotes the Independent Living Movement to empower, educate, and advocate for individuals with disabilities.

Vision Statement

Abilities in Motion (AIM) will continue to be one of Pennsylvania’s premiere Centers for Independent Living, existing to educate, support, and promote individuals with disabilities. Our programs will remain focused on providing training and opportunities for individuals with disabilities to live independent, self-determined lives.

AIM will advocate for local, state, and national laws and programs protecting the rights of people with disabilities. We will bring awareness on disability issues through community engagement, civic committee participation, and direct education.

AIM shall continue to create innovative and sustainable solutions and set trends using multi-focused approaches towards shaping national education, employment opportunities, in-home supports, and health care that affects the lives of individuals with disabilities.

Young girl standing on back of man's power wheelchair, both smiling with arms outspread