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The Ticket to Work Program, free and is voluntary to any Social Security beneficiary between ages 18-64.

...assists consumers to go back to work and not lose their benefits right away.

...helps to lead a consumer to self sufficiency and independence from benefits. 

...helps consumers understand their benefits and the work incentives available to them.

...helps to empower consumers in their job search by providing resources and tools necessary for success. funded by the Social Security Administration. one more way AIM is .“Helping You Help Yourself to Independence”


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Corrine Dietrich is the Program Specialist of the Ticket to Work Program. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Social Sciences from University of Maryland University College. For over 12 years, Corrine has worked within the disability community and works within the framework of the Independent Living philosophy. She helps each and every person strive to reach the level of independence they choose. June 2014, Corrine became a Certified Work Incentive Counselor. In November 2014, became a Certified Employment Support Professional, and is also certified through ACRE for Supported Employment. January 2015, Corrine became a Board Director for the National Employment Network Association (NENA).  She is a co-chair of their Legislative/Policy Committee, and serves on the Marketing and Outreach to Beneficairies Committee.







"  My  career as a professional counselor is very important to me.  I am  currently working in a fee-for-service position, so my income is  quite low.  I also have spastic, quadriplegic cerebral palsy and my  primary insurance does not cover more than half of my needs for  durable medical equipment, such as my electric wheelchair.  Because  of this, I use Medicaid to both offset the costs and to pay for  needed attendant care to help with getting up in the morning,  toileting and eating at work, bathing, and going to bed at night,  among other things.  The Ticket to Work program allows me to keep my  Medicaid while under a certain income threshold so that I may  continue to receive necessary attendant care services and durable  medical equipment. Without this program, I would lose my attendant  care, therefore making it impossible to continue working, needing to  instead collect SSI and therefore be eligible Medicaid automatically.  This would also be a terrible waste of my education and I would be  unhappy because I do enjoy working in the mainstream of society in  addition to the joy of helping others that my specific career offers.   In essence, Ticket to Work allows me to work and still have my needs  met."


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